Ty Basinger is finishing up his thesis using Tree Swallows as indicators of wetland productivity. His preliminary results show plasticity in prey selection which may benefit Tree Swallows as climate change alters insect communities. Besides research he enjoys poetry, photography, and hiking.

Deanna Lamphere graduated from Mansfield University in 2019 and teaches high school biology. She joins my graduate program in Fall 2022.

“I have chosen to pursue research because in my own experience, the study of science and the process of research have centered around an appreciation of nature. I am fascinated by our world and I’m constantly trying to create a greater understanding of the beauty that surrounds us all. The ability to ask a question and find a conclusive answer is incredibly empowering and fun.”

El Fuhrman is a second year student in the Ecology program. He volunteering on my feather project in Spring 2022 and will continue in Fall 2022. “I have been interested in Wildlife Biology since I was a little kid. My interest was sparked in summer camp when I would poke at bugs and notice their reactions. I attended a high school that specialized in wildlife conservation, and I volunteered at the Maryland Zoo in a research/conservation project tracking Eastern Box Turtles. Aside from my love of wildlife, I love knitting, games, Star Trek, and YouTube.”


Nathan Daily, Gabrielle Leonard, Briaunna Makar, Lacie Pichler, Alberto Ruiz, Cole Streater

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