Ty Basinger is a graduate student using Tree Swallows as indicators of wetland productivity. He plans to compare the DNA signatures of Tree Swallow chick feces to DNA signatures of insect prey collected at each site. The goal is to determine whether Tree Swallows are selective in the prey they feed their chicks. Besides research he enjoys poetry, photography, and hiking.

Shelley Rider is a third-year student working towards a degree in Ecology, Conservation and Field Biology. For her independent study, she used BORIS and scored visual and audio recordings of Tree Swallow parental foraging behavior. Shelley created time budgets to analyze differences in behavior across wetlands.

Gabrielle Leonard is a third year pre-veterinary Biology student. Her independent study project involved calculating the numbers, sizes and types of feathers used in Tree Swallow nest construction. Nest construction varied significantly across our sites. With the help of other researchers, we plan to evaluate feather size and nest construction at sites around Pennsylvania.


Nathan Daily, Gabrielle Leonard, Briaunna Makar, Lacie Pichler, Alberto Ruiz, Cole Streater

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