I am a high energy professor and strive to create a welcome and supportive learning environment. In addition to lectures, I utilize in-class activities, discussions, video clips, NPR broadcasts, and reflections on current events in science.

My goal is not just to provide information but help students become engaged citizens. Students are required to present science news to the class and send emails to elected officials on environmental topics.

I lament the disconnect between science and art that developed over the last 60 years. To bridge this gap, students in my classes create original videos and podcasts on environmental issues or discuss their course research projects.

Student videos

Lindsay Williams explains climate change for Ecology and Evolution
Jackie Formosa used stop action animation to teach us about Hawksbill Sea Turtles in Biodiversity and Conservation
Angelina Santiago used stop action animation to discuss whaling in Ecology and Evolution

Leah Uholik brought awareness of Amur Leopards for Biodiversity and Conservation

Student podcasts

Kayla Davis provides some nutty humor
Logan Kibler interviews a cast of characters in Animal Behavior
Mary Bogert interviews a celebrity cricket for Animal Behavior
Kalista Shultz entertained us with Tasmanian Devil facts for Biodiversity and Conservation
Want to know about Red Pandas? Brett Voloshin discussed them in Biodiversity and Conservation


DEI efforts

Semicolon for suicide awareness

Minority, LGBTQ and students with disabilities encounter many obstacles in their pursuit of higher education. As a wife of a female refugee from El Salvador and the mother of a child with autism, I have seen first hand that access to quality education is not equal across society. To move the needle, I state that Black Lives Matter, design my courses with all types of learners in mind and advocate for students with mental health disorders.

I partnered with faculty across campus to host a conversation regarding Environmental Justice. We discussed how low income and communities of color are affected by environmental problems such as climate change.

Screenshot from the Environmental Justice discussion on April 22nd, 2021
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